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Where Are You On The Money Map™?

Corporate Cathy/Chad

You are in the corporate/professional world, making good money and trapped by it because you know you are not doing the great work you came here to do. You feel stuck because you know you are here for something more, something greater, and yet do not know how to make a living in alignment with the truth of who you are and how you want to be in the world.

Make the Leap!

Made the Leap Larry/Lucy

Congratulations, you have made the leap into your own entrepreneurial endeavor. Unfortu-nately, you are not making enough money yet to support your life (nor are you clear on how you will) and you are perilously close to returning to the corporate/professional world and/or getting a job if you cannot figure out how to get sustainable.. fast!

Master Your Map!

Burned Out Betty/Bob

You are doing your Great Work in the world and making money, but you are exceedingly close to burn out or sabotaging your business because the business model you have built in alignment with your entrepreneurial archetype and you do not have the right systems and structures in place to truly support you and the work you came here to do.

Love Your Life!
Get on the Path to Financial Liberation Now!

After applying the Money Map to Freedom to your life and business, you will have charted a map from where you are right now to exactly where you want to be so that you can know with absolute certainty -- what programs to invest in, which you do not need, how to price and package your services, what training you need, what you do not need, and how to take the next steps forward to grow your business efficiently and effectively.

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