Put Money In Its Rightful Place. Take Back Your Time, Energy and Attention Now.
Quit Worrying About The Future & Whether You Have 
Enough Money, Saving for Retirement and Paying Off Your 
Debt. Now, Discover the Proven Money Map Process and Tools
That Will Guide You to Build an Income You Can Count On,
Doing Your Most Meaningful, Impactful, Work You Love …
Where Are You Now?
You are ready to come into right relationship with time, money and how you get paid so
you can stop compromising your life and your work in the world for or because of
money. The truth is that money is infinitely renewable ... when you know how to access
it. Your time, energy and attention are not.
Making any of your big life choices -- who you are in relationship with, where you live, where you work, who you work with, how and when you do your work -- with money as your compass is the path to unhappiness, frustration and stress.

You know it, we know it, and yet until now (for most of us) there has been no alternative.

Money simply had to be your compass. I mean, you have to put food on the table, right? It's what we learned. And we weren't given any other possibilities. So we did our best to get it, save it, and create security for ourselves and our families.

Well, let this be your money wake-up call. What you've been taught is a lie and it's wasting your life to keep believing it.

You no longer have to sacrifice your one precious life and the relationships that ultimately matter for an infinitely renewable resource that is actually quite easy to get when you know what you actually need and put your most valuable, non-renewable resources of time, energy and attention to work for you.

Money doesn't have to be the compass for your life. You already have enough; and have access to all you need.

With the Money Map to Freedom, you'll come into right relationship with time, money and how you get paid to see that money is the fuel, not the compass. You will reclaim your time, energy and attention in service to a life truly worth living. 
Hi. My name is Ali Katz.
Not so long ago, money was my compass. 

I let it make all my decisions. I fought over it. I spent all of my energy trying to get as much of it as I could. And I swore I would stop when I had enough. But I didn't really believe there was enough.

The truth was, I didn't have any idea what enough really was, and I secretly knew I'd probably never get to whatever that magical number was because as much as I brought in, more was usually going out.

I was working 6-7 days a week in an office, missing my children‘s lives, not taking care of myself and earning my income in a way that simply felt, well, crappy.

Even though I was making good money, I was constantly afraid of running out. 
I lived on one of the most exclusive streets in Hermosa Beach, half a block from the ocean. My kids were in private school. I was living the American Dream. I had made it!

Yet, I was miserable. (I know, queue the tiny violin, right?)

But, really ... I was trapped.

My income relied on me showing up in a way that was out of alignment with who I really was and how I wanted to be in the world. 

My relationship with my kids was growing more and more disconnected.

  They were 7 and 10 - the ages at which I had promised myself I would stop working so much and be their mom.

But I couldn‘t stop because my businesses (and my income, my reputation, my life) would crumble if I did.
Finally, a program that makes my right brain embrace my left brain! I am good at making money, in fact I can "smell" the money in business and know where to find it. Budgeting for it, and KEEPING it, however ... not something that interested me that much. Until the Money Map to Freedom program. At its core is a set of tools that is easy to use and implement. Perfect for (im)practical business people like me, who need the structure that will help all of our big business ideas fly. Everyday, I compromised in some way shape or form ... for or because of money.
While I loved doing television, I hated the way I was showing up there — often to gossip about celebrities, rather than to make the world a better place.

I wanted to write edgy things, be totally transparent, let my inner freak out.

But, each time I did, I‘d hear about it from my team

I had been sacrificing my life for other people's definition of success. I'm the kind of person who will achieve whatever I put my mind to, so I kept getting "there" only to find I didn't actually want what was there.

I saw so many people struggling to get "there" -- and not making it -- that I couldn't imagine giving it up. If so many other people wanted it, it must be good, right?

Yet, I was beginning to think that maybe I didn't really want this ephemeral "it" and that was confusing too because wasn't I supposed to want it?
I was motivated by an idea of achievement that wasn't in true alignment with who and how I truly wanted to be in the world.

So, I told myself I needed to keep doing it for the money. More money to invest in more programs, more coaching, more expenses, more savings, more, more, more.

And the quest for more kept me trapped.  

The more I made, the more I spent to reward myself in ways that weren't truly nourishing. It was a never-ending treadmill of dread that looked really good on the outside, but I knew something was terribly awry on the inside.

The truth was that beyond the quest for money, I had no idea what I wanted. 

And I had to find out what was true before 
I wasted my entire life on maintaining a life I didn't even really want.
So, I gave it all up. Let it all go.
Walked away.
I fired my team, shrank my businesses back to what I could manage on my own, stopped taking on any private clients (or doing anything solely for the money), moved to a farm and set out on a journey to discover who I really was, how I wanted to be, and what was actually true about money, saving, debt, time, and business.
What I discovered was
We are being fed lies. Lies that keep us trapped. 

Most often, that trap sounds something like this:
"You don't have enough money to have the life you really want now, so you better keep working for more in a way you don't want to work so that at some point, when you have enough, you can live the life you really want."
Oh, and maybe like this:
"You better not go into debt to invest in anything other than a house or a car or college because if you do, you'll be trapped by your debt and then you'll have to do work that you don't want to do to pay off your debt or maybe you won't be able to pay it back and then you'll be a bad person."
Often, the people who think this way and want other people to think this way are trapped
doing work they don’t want to do just to pay the bills for a compromised life.

So why not convince us to consume more or save more to make up for it? 

But definitely do not recommend that we invest in ourselves because that would be foolish.
Are you beginning to see that maybe there is something broken here?
Now, I do want to make something clear. 

It's not MONEY that's the issue. Money is fuel; money is easy to get it when you know how to give and ask for what you need in return; money is energy and when we keep it in circulation it keeps coming back. Money is not the problem.
It's our relationship with money. And time. And how we think we need to get paid that is the issue.
Fortunately, I found the way out. A solution for all of us.
The good news is, you won't have to give up everything to find it for yourself. You can start from wherever you are.

And, if you step down the path with me to the road less traveled, and use the process I created for myself, to discover what you really, really, really, REALLY want (money, time and an income model that serves YOUR version of success), you can wisely, peacefully get from wherever you are now to exactly where you want to go ....

With enough money ....

With enough energy ...

With enough time ....

For all of it. It won't happen overnight. There is work to do here.

  But you are already working so hard, why not put all that hard work into service creating a life truly worth living?
I No Longer Compromise For (or Because) Of Money — 
That Is Financial Liberation
Founder of The 
Well-Grounded Campus
I‘m not only building a business, but I‘m pouring my heart and soul into my business. And I was feeling exhausted and frustrated because finding smart, solid business guidance that feels relevant to your whole life is scarce.
When I went through Money Map to Freedom I felt like I struck gold.

This program has the perfect balance of head and heart. There is nothing like Alexis‘ laser business acumen. She has a big vision for your business and takes you step by step toward establishing a foundation that can hold the weight of just how big you want to grow in the world. And yet, at the same time she will not allow you to move forward without honestly and authentically assessing every move through the lens of your true desires and inner compass. 

I finally felt like all the pieces were brought together. I was honoring the deeply heart-centered soul of my business…and was tearing it up with brilliant business guidance.
When you begin your Money Map to Freedom™, I will guide you step-by-step to come into right alignment with time, money and how you get paid, so you can build a custom-designed for you sustainable income you can count on for life — doing work that is 100% in alignment with your ideal life.
The key to your financial liberation is knowing with total clarity and confidence that you can create the income you want and need on demand, without compromising who you are or how you want to be in the world. 

The Money Map to Freedom™ is your step by step guide to that confidence and clarity.
The Money Map to Freedom™ is for You if:
  • You are currently earning your living in the corporate world or in a business you don't love (and it might be a very good living), and trapped because you simply do not know how to make the leap from a paycheck you can count on into a job or business that supports you to give tremendous value in the world and have a life while you do it.
  • You have made the leap into entrepreneurship and your own practice or business, but you are not experiencing true financial liberation yet. If you can‘t figure it out soon, you‘ll have no choice but to return to doing work that pays the bills, but doesn't feed your soul while you do it.
  • You have a business, but it‘s not in alignment with the truth of who you are. Your income model is off. You know it, you can feel it and it‘s time to get into right alignment so your business can create true financial liberation and not just another trap of success.
  • You have a full one-to-one practice, and make pretty good money, but you feel like you aren't making enough money to have the life you really, really, really, REALLY want, yet. You've heard about leveraged programs and products and alternative income models, but you can't figure out how it all works together or what the right path is for you.
  • You are ready to stop the mind spin around money and how to bring your best work into the world that has you wasting your most valuable resources -- time, energy and attention -- because you can't figure out how to get paid to do your meaningful work in a way that is in true alignment with a life worth living.
    The Money Map was the catalyst for          my first $20,000 month.
What is the
There are two phases to the Money Map to Freedom™ Program.

Phase one is all about getting you the clarity you need to build the life and income you really, really, really, REALLY want. 

We call it Self-Discovery, Truth-Telling and Entrepreneurial Architecture.

You'll go on a deep dive discovery process of what you want your life to look like, what it will take to create it, how much time you really have for work (after self-care and family), the hidden resources available to you beyond time and money, and the income model that will most serve you and your work in the world. 

This is the foundation of true lifestyle design.

Whether you are a business owner now, intend to be in the future, or want to shift the way you get paid working for someone else, you will use the entrepreneurial archetypes and entrepreneurial principles to get into right relationship with time, money and how you get paid.
Phase 1
Phase 2
Clarity about what you want to create must be completed before Phase 2 can begin.
The strategy to create an income model designed exactly and specifically for you of the Money Map is the income-builder's program. 
Once you have the clarity of knowing the life you really, really, really, REALLY want and the income model that will most support your life and your work from Phase 1, we will support you with the step by step strategy to build your income in full alignment with that life, based on the time and resources you have available.

During phase 2, we will guide you to price and package your services (and never charge hourly for your time again) or structure your leveraged products and programs, design your ideal enrollment structures, marketing strategies, team support and legal, insurance, financial and tax systems.

In the final module of phase 2, you will be guided to use a strategic vision planning process that I first learned in the beginning of my law practice that allowed me to build a million dollar law practice in just three years. 

When you complete Phase 2, you will know how to build the income model for your great work that is the ideal structure for you and your life.

Phase 1 (Clarity) is a pre-requisite for Phase 2 (Strategy).
I did your Money Map Program a few years ago, and the number that I came up with during that program is the exact amount of income we earn today. It's incredible how the clarity, intention, and focus of what we need to design the life of our dreams and support our vision becomes a reality when we get clear. Not to mention that our income today is almost 3X the income we were earning pre- Money Map.
Here‘s just a small taste of what we‘ll cover in the first Phase of the Money Map to Freedom™ program — we call it 
Self-Discovery, Truth-Telling, and Entrepreneurial Architecture and the Outcome is CLARITY
Getting to the truth:
What Do You Really, Really, Really, REALLY Want?
Gain a level of clarity you have never felt before about the life you really want to live beyond all worry, doubt, fear, guilt, shame or ego. Soon, you will no longer need to compromise for (or because) of money.
the key to it all:
Your Personal Money Map Numbers
Once you know the life you really, really, really, REALLY want to live and you are get into truth around where you are now, you can chart a path from where you are now to exactly where you want to go … and take the shortest, directest path to get there. It starts with knowing and honoring your personal Money Map Numbers. 
Prioritizing Your Most Valuable Resource
If you are sacrificing your life to earn your living, this module is going to change your life. You'll shift from a reality where you put work before everything, family next and then whatever you have left over goes to self care into a life where you put self care first, family second, and then understand how much time you actually have for work, so you can properly charge for your services or understand why you need that raise, and how to ask for it. The truth is you actually have plenty of time for everything you want, when you know how to bend time.
generating possibilities:
Discover the Real (often Hidden) Resources Available to You
Most people have "money dysmorphia" - and exactly the way an anorexic girl looks in the mirror and sees a fat body no matter how thin she gets, you look in your bank account and think you don't have enough and the truth is, it wouldn't change no matter how much you had. Module 4 is your cure. You'll become tapped into hidden resources that you are shocked to discover you have access to right now - and you'll know exactly how and when to access them.
entrepreneurial architecture:
Your Entrepreneurial Archetypes and Personal Archetype Path
Whether you want to be in business for yourself or not, how you get paid for what you do and what you create is the key to your personal sovereignty. There's 8 entrepreneurial archetypes and an infinite variety of archetype paths to get you from where you are now to where you want to go. When you understand your archetype path, you can chart your map from the income model you have to the one you want. This is key for you to understand whether you work for yourself or work for someone else. You can apply these entrepreneurial principles and archetypes to get paid the way you like to play.
discovering, clarifying, and confirming your purpose:
This module, co-taught with Eleanor Tara, will open you up to a new way of seeing the reason you are here on this planet at this time. You'll complete Phase One with your eyes wide open.
Million Dollar Marketing Coach,
I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Alexis for helping me to create and launch a 6-figure program this year. I had been struggling with how to design it and the right way to get the message about it out to people.

In no time at all she showed me exactly what to do. She and Dave are truly brilliant at helping entrepreneurs design high income businesses without giving up their heart or values -- I love that!
It‘s-Gotta-Be-Right-For-You Guarantee.
I‘m confident that when you purchase The Money Map to Freedom™ Program, you will be thrilled. I also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will build your business model on a foundation that works for you, your life, your family, the people you serve and your Great Work!

Here‘s the thing, I want to be totally transparent with you about… everything. If this program isn't right for you where you‘re at right now, I want you to invest your money in what IS right for you. Sometimes that‘s hard to know until you get a taste. So, my invitation is for you to go through ALL of Module 1 and Module 2, and show up for one of the Eyes Wide Open Consulting Calls and do the work –really do it. At that point if it doesn't feel like this program is 100% right for you and is going to transform your life and business, all you have to do is show us you have done the work, send us the materials back and request your money back — there‘s no time limit on this guarantee. Do the work and if it doesn‘t work for you, we‘ll give you your money back!

I am LOVING this Money Map to FreedomCourse. Wow, amazing! So many juicy insights coming up while I'm going through the exercises.
I’ll see you inside!
Join us now and use the Money Map to Freedom™ to discover the financial liberation that comes from knowing you can create the income you need, as you need it, on demand -- without selling your soul to do it. 

From my heart,
I joined the Money Map to Freedom part on a whim and part out of a deep desire to change my life and outlook on life. I can say that even halfway through my life has DRASTICALLY changed. I'm so clear on my path and what I want in life. Not just for my business, but everything. This program is completely life changing and I am telling everyone what it's doing for me. I can't wait to tell people or help them. I'm definitely advocating this program and 100% behind it!
Dear Ali,

This month is my first five figure month. I didn't even realize until last night. Not even just barely. This month my "independent projects" as I most authentically refer to my work, grossed almost 15K, and I got to employ 5 people from my community in ways that are a big financial deal to them.
When I was first going through the money map I had a psychic reading from one of my reiki students. She told me that a woman I knew online, but had not yet met in person, was going to give me a huge gift when it came to my professional trajectory and long term livelihood. I asked if that woman was you and the pendulum gave a very clear yes. I didn't realize then that the gift was simply the money map, and what a profound gift it was.  

The money map is seriously gold. Thank you for creating it. You gave me everything that was missing for me to get creative, and confidently make that model mine... and think beyond it... and create other businesses along side it.  

Thank you a million times. Thank you. You have given me the gift of financial liberation.

I still look forward to the day we meet & I get to give you a big ol' hug!!  

Peace, Love, & Reiki!
- Rachel
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